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iPeaka iQ 10A Brushless Multicopter ESC w/ SimonK Firmware

iPeaka iQ 10A Brushless Multicopter ESC w/ SimonK Firmware
Brand: iFlight
Product Code: iPeaka 10A
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iPeaka iQ series ESCs are specially designed for use in multi-rotor aircraft and now come pre-loaded with SimonK firmware! This firmware allows use up to 400Hz refresh rates and provides nearly instantaneous flight controller response. ESCs featuring SimonK firmware are truly plug n' play as all the parameters are preconfigured to ensure optimum performance and operability. No programming required.

All iPeaka ESCs with SimonK firmware are created with the approval of SimonK, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the SimonK development fund. However, we encourage our customers to support Simon Kirby's hard work and donate to his fund by clicking here.


  • Pre-loaded SimonK firmware; allows use up to 400Hz refresh rates
  • Extremely low output resistance for efficient operation
  • Plug n' play -- no programming required
  • Smooth, linear throttle operation


  • Input Voltage: 2-3s Lipo
  • Output Current: 10A Continuous, 12A Burst (10 Sec.)
  • BEC Output: 2A, 5.0v
  • Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 12g

**Although the SimonK firmware should recognize the default throttle range on most radio systems, we suggest manually calibrating the range before the first use. Please follow these steps:

  1. Remove propellers for safety before calibrating throttle range
  2. Move throttle stick to full on your TX
  3. Connect battery power to multicopter
  4. Listen for beep, then move throttle stick to low
  5. You will hear confirmation beeps and the ESCs will now be armed

The ESC has now been calibrated to recognize your radio's high and low throttle positions. Make sure to individually calibrate the throttle range on each of your ESCs to ensure equal operation during flight.

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