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HobbyWing Platinum V3 Series 40A Pro SBEC ESC

HobbyWing Platinum V3 Series 40A Pro SBEC ESC
HobbyWing Platinum V3 Series 40A Pro SBEC ESC HobbyWing Platinum V3 Series 40A Pro SBEC ESC
Brand: HobbyWing
Product Code: HobbyWing Platinum 40A Pro
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The Platinum-40A ESC is part of Hobbywing’s "Platinum" series product line. It is one of the top products for aircraft and helicopter.

1 Typical applications:
1.1 Super powerful for 450 and 400 class helicopter
1.2 Very powerful for mid scale aircraft

2 Specifications:
2.1 Output: Continuous 40A, burst 60A up to 10 seconds.
2.2 Input Voltage: 2-6 cell lithium battery or 5-18 cell NIMH battery.   
2.3 SBEC: Switching mode DC-DC regulator. 3A@5.25V or 3A@6V switchable by user programming.
2.4 Control Signal Transmission: Optically coupled system.
2.5 Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 pole BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 pole BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 pole BLM.
                               (BLM: Brushless Motor)
2.6 Size: 59mm (L) * 27mm (W) * 12mm (H).
2.7 Weight: 38g. 

3  Features:
3.1 High performance microprocessor provides the best compatibility with all kinds of motors and the highest driving efficiency.
3.2 Wide-open heat-sink design creates the best heat dissipation effect.
3.3 With 3 types of start mode: Normal / Soft / Very-Soft. Compatible with aircraft and helicopter. 
3.4 Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response.
3.5 The output voltage of the built-in BEC is switchable by user programming (5.25V or 6.0V).
3.6 Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / Over-heating protection / Throttle signal loss protection
3.7 Perfect governor mode for helicopter.  
3.8 ESC firmware can be updated through the USB adapter on the Professional LCD Program Box.
3.9 User programmable. Several kinds of program methods are supported: transmitter, digital LED program card, advanced professional LCD program box, and PC software. ESC is very easy to program at home or at the flying field.
Compatible with the following program cards:

HobbyWing LED Program Card for Platinum Series ESCs

HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Professional Program Box for Platinum Series ESCs

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