Autel EVO II FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Delivery System

Autel EVO II FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Delivery System

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The FoxFury D100 drone search/spotlight provides public safety users

2300 lumens of focused lighting with a 60' (18.1 m) wide light at an altitude

of 200' (60 m). Designed for the Autel EVO II, the D100 weighs 346 grams, has

a 70-minute battery life, and is water-resistant. The directed, 18-degree

focused beam provides brilliant white light, designed for illumination in areas

otherwise challenged to light. The 0100 may also be angled or aimed straight down.


  • Made In the USA
  • OSRAM LED Lighting
  • 2,300 lumens (light and strobe)
  • 70 minute battery life
  • 5700K, 70 CRI
  • 346 gr (12.2 oz) with batteries
  • 30ft (9.1 m) diameter spot at 100ft (30m)
  • 60ft (18.1 m) diameter spot at 200ft (60 m)
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Required Mounts:

EXOLANDER© (P/N 93-103) Autel EVO II Mount (P/N 85-033)

EXOLANDER© - Patent Pending

The TacSwan EXOLANDER© apparatus securely

supports the D100 drone light for maintaining proper CG (Center of Gravity) on the

Autel EVO II. The EXOLANDER© has ten hardpoints for various accessories and may be attached/removed from the Autel EVO II aircraft without tools.


  • Made In the USA
  • 1.1 oz (31 gr)
  • 6.7" X 6.5" X 4.72" (170 X 165 X 120 mm)
  • 4 landing pods with individual shock absorption
  • Eliminates need for leg extension
  • Impact resistant

Payload Delivery System

The TacSwan Payload Delivery System enables public safety users to drop

radios, tourniquets, space blankets, water bottles, first-aid kits, or other

small assistive devices in situations where rescuers cannot reach or clearly

communicate with a victim.

The lightweight system is also designed to carry safety lines to stranded or

drowning swimmers and has been tested, pulling over 400' (120 m) of 550

paracord (not included) to a swimmer in the ocean. The Payload Delivery System

is designed to work with the Autel EVO II aircraft with mounting capabilities

through the TacSwan EXOLANDER©.


  • Made In the USA
  • 7.6 oz (215 gr)
  • Paracord option for beach rescue
  • Transports up to 1 lb (16 oz)

What's Included:

  • Handle/Cord Reel with 550 Paracord 20 ft (6 m)
  • 114 x 1 1/2 QR Pin with Ring
  • Payload delivery unit with cross bar
  • Carabiner with ring
  • Delivery bag