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Autel Robotics EVO II (V2) Dual 640T Thermal Standard Rugged Bundle

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The Most Compact and Advanced Thermal Drone. 

Autel Robotics new generation thermal camera. Resolutions up to 640x512 enable EVO II Dual pilots to capture subjects with great detail from up to 100 meters - 4x farther than any aircraft of its class. The 30Hz refresh rate produces smooth dynamic thermal movement by matching thermal images to video frame rate.

  • 8K video
  • Up to 38 min flight time
  • 30hz refresh rate
  • 48MP camera
  • 4x Lossless Zoom
  • 360 degree obstacle avoidance
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • 10 Thermal Color Pallettes

Multiple Temperature Measurement Modes:

Central Temperature Measurement: Central temperature measurement: View real-time display of the temperature in the center area of the screen.

Spot Temperature Measurement: Tap the screen, and the temperature of the selected object will be displayed in real time.

Regional Temperature Measurement: Get a dynamic view of the average temperature, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature displayed in a selected area.

Powerful Infrared Thermal PC Analysis Tool: This free temperature measurement analysis tool is developed for the 640T, and enables users to quickly import images, edit and analyze temperature measurements, and to generate detailed reports for sharing and collaboration.

Temperature Alarm: Monitors the screen temperature in real time. The system prompts the user when the temperature reaches a set threshold.

Isotherm: Set a temperature range and the system will detect any objects within the temperature range specified.

Image Enhancement: Supports real-time adjustment of image brightness, contrast, and image details. The system will highlight any objects within the temperature target.


Types Of Use:


EVO II Dual transmits the most crucial information back to the pilot and allows for Live Deck backward compatibility so your team can make informed decisions in the most stressful of circumstances. From case to air in under 30 seconds with no flight restrictions, no forced updates, and no repeat calibrations, first responders can make every second count.


Several features of EVO II Dual makes it an excellent tool for investigators who build their cases based on accuracy. With the ability to produce 8K 24fps RGB video and up to 640x512 30Hz thermal recording, investigators can view and capture a 360-degree view of the site on EVO II Dual's remote controller.


In the industry of engineers, contractors, and project managers, it's essential that your drone works as hard as you do and can capture even the smallest details in realtime. Features such as EVO II Dual's Picture in Picture Mode can record up to 1080p at 30fps and overlays thermal imaging to standard RGB footage, allowing the pilot to view both simultaneously.