HRB Graphene 3000mah 4s 100c lipo (Open Box)

HRB Graphene 3000mah 4s 100c lipo (Open Box)

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OPEN BOX special! This battery was used for testing and evaluation and has less than 3 cycles on it. The battery is functionally sound and has no signs of damage or wear. It is being sold at a reduced price.


Graphene packs utilize carbon in the battery structure to form a single layer of graphene just 0.335nm thick .

Graphene chemistry has significantly reduced heat and resistance.

Simply put; more consistent power delivered to your model even under heavy load, with less heat and voltage sag.

The result is a battery capable of sustaining more cycles, while continuing to perform over time, if properly used, and stored.

Balancer JST-XH
Capacity (mah) 3000
Cell count 4S
Cell Voltage 14.8V
Charge Rate (2C recommended) 5C
Connector EC5
Dimensions 136x42x26mm
Discharge Rate (C) 100C
Net Weight (grams) 345