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Servoless Retract w/ Nylon Trunnion (1pc) 37g



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The easiest way to put retracts in your plane. No need to install a control box, messy wiring or a complicated air system. Just screw in the retracts, connect to your Rx and youre ready!

Reliable servo mechanism with metal gearing and a high torque motor ensures trouble free flying!

Why bother with air systems when you can now have a realistic and reliable electric unit at a fraction of the price?!
Landing gear not included with the servoless retractable system.

Robust landing gear strut and mounting bracket
Built-in 10 seconds over current and jamming protection
Integrated electric motor with a micro PCB
Double shock absorption design, completely protect the gears
Auto 90 degree twist when retracted 

Working voltage: 4.5~5.5V
Speed: 0.7s/60deg 4.8v - 0.55/60deg 6v
Idle current: 3mA
Angle limit: 90 degree when retracted
Operating temp: -10~50C
Weight: 37g
Shaft size: 3mm
Mounting area size: 35mm x 33mm
Length: 67mm
Not suitable for a plane heavier than 2.5kg