Flite Test Power Pack B (Fixed Wing Small)


FT Power Pack B

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This pack is equivalent to Flite Test's Power Pack B and contains almost everything needed to complete one of their small fixed winged planes such as the Flyer, Delta, Nutball, FT22, Old Fogey, Old Speedster and most other airframes that weigh between 1-2 lbs. In addition to our power pack, all you need is a battery, charger, transmitter, and receiver.

The motor and ESC comes pre-soldered with 3.5mm bullet connectors. We also include a set of XT60 connectors for you to solder on the ESC and your battery.

To make our packs affordable, we only include the items you need! Most of the FliteTest kits that use Power Pack B only require 4x servos; therefore, our power pack includes only 4x servos and not 6x like Flite Test's version. If you need additional servos, you can purchase them seperately using the links below.

What's included with each combo pack:

● Motor: 1x Suppo 2208/17 1100kv Brushless Outrunner
● ESC: 1x Suppo HW20A Brushless ESC
● Servos: 4x Suppo SP-90 9g micro servo
● Props: 2x APC 9x4.7SF Slow-Fly Propeller
● 6x D1.8mm Linkage Stopper
● 1x 12" Y-harness
● 4x 6" servo extensions
● 1x pair XT60 plugs

Each power pack includes components for (1) airframe only. Airframe sold separately.

*Note: optional upgraded ESC options do not come pre-soldered but the bullet plugs are included. Only the standard Suppo HW ESCs are pre-soldered.

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