Turnigy 180A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer


Turnigy 180A Watt Meter

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The ever popular Turnigy Watt Meter just got an upgrade

There is no better or easier way for you to measure your power system than by using a watt meter. This handy little device takes the guess work out of it by reliably and accurately measuring watts amps and volts. 

If a watt meter saves you just one motor or ESC then its paid for itself. We've all seen someone burn a motor or ESC at the track/field with a new prop or pinon. You can avoid the disappointment of a failed power system by ensuring your setup is within the limits of the componentry   

Ensure peak currents are within tolerance for your power system
Check battery health and performance.
Evaluate R/C battery charging efficiency.  
Choose the best propeller or gearing and the most efficient motor  
Check for wiring and connector power losses  
Measure power and energy consumption of any device with a battery
Operating voltage: 0v~60V (0V Requires external battery)
Operating voltage: 4.6~60V 

0~180A - Resolution 0.01A
0~60V - Resolution 0.01V
0~10800W - Resolution 0.1W
0~99Ah - Resolution 0.001Ah
0~9999.9Wh - Resolution 0.1Wh
Screen: 16x2, backlit LCD display
Size: 85 x 42 x 25mm
Weight: 82g