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HobbyWing External UBEC-25A HV (Super Large Current BEC)

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The Hobbywing HV 25A UBEC offers elegance, power, extended protection features, and simplicity all in a compact solution. Housed inside of an aluminum case, the UBEC is able to dissipate more heat and reduce electromagnetic interference. A high efficiency DC-DC regulator paired with special designed circuitry offers conversion efficiency over 90%. Capable of 25A continuous current, the UBEC is the ideal choice for even the most demanding of applications.

The UBEC accepts a wide input voltage ranging from 3s 11.1V to 18s 66.6v, includes an external switch to power on and off the unit, and output voltage is adjustable from 5v, 6v, 7.4v, and 8.4v. UBEC shoot-through protection, which prevents the voltage of the main power supply from directly flowing to the output end of the UBEC and causing any damage to the connected electronic device when the UBEC is accidentally damaged; plus others protections like over-current, (output end) short-circuit, overheat, and low-voltage cutoff, guarantee safety and reliability.

Additionally, the UBEC features the ability to connect to a separate 2s LiPo providing backup in the event that the main power fails.

Input Voltage: 3-18s LiPo
Backup Input Voltage: 1-2s LiPo
Output Voltage: 5/6/7.4/8.4V
Output Amperage: 25A Cont. | 50A Peak
Weight: 74g
Size: 55x40.2x17.6mm
Input Wires: (Main Power Supply) Red-16AWG-270mm*1/Black-16AWG-270mm*1
Output Wires: 3P Vertical Pin Header(60-strand PVC Wire with Two 3P-JR Male Connectors-100mm*4 included)
Input Connectors: No
Output Connectors: No