HobbyWing Platinum Pro V3 Series 100A HV ESC (5-12s lipo)



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NEW Platinum Pro V3 Series

High Voltage 5S-12S LiPo
500-600 Class Heli 3D

V3 Features:

● High-performance microprocessor with operating frequency up to 50MHz brings excellent compatibility with most motors in the market and high driving efficiency.
● The maximum motor speed can reach: 210,000 RPM for 2-pole, 70,000 RPM for 6-pole and 35,000 RPM for 12-pole.
● Multiple flight modes: Fixed Wing Airplane/ Heli with Governor Off/ Heli with Governor (Elf) / Heli with Governor Store.
● Adjustable throttle range, compatible with various transmitters. It gives smooth, soft & linear speed adjustment and rapid throttle response.
● The microprocessor is powered by a independent DC regulator resulting in better anti-interference performance, which greatly reduces the risk of losing control.
● Built-in highly efficient & high-power (switch mode) BEC lets the output voltage switch between 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V. (*For the specific output voltage, please refer to the parameter list below.)
● Brand new easy to operate governor program. Its excellent speed-governing effect makes big rotor blades more stable even under rapid load change.
● ”Restart in auto rotation" can manually interrupt the auto rotation and quickly restart the motor to avoid crashes caused by incorrect operations.
● Independent output port for RPM signals.
● Compatible LCD program box (*optional accessory) has a simple visual interface allowing users to set/revise all the ESC parameters easily. (For detailed information, please refer to the LCD Program Box user manual.)
● The ESC firmware can be upgraded after connecting to a PC via the USB cable on the program box.
● The independent port used for connecting the program box and setting parameters also functions as the output port for the running status data of the ESC. It can make real-time data monitoring and logging possible when coordinated with the data transmission module.
● Multiple protection features including input voltage abnormality protection/ low-voltage cutoff protection/ and throttle signal loss protection prolong the service life of the ESC.

Features Summary:

● High Voltage (5S-12S LiPo) capability
● 100 Amp continuous, Burst 140A peak
● 50MHz processor
● The maximum motor speed can reach up to 210000 RPM*
● PWM adjustable up to 32KHz
● Industry's BEST throttle response in governor mode
● Separate output for reading / recording engine RPM
● Official Manufacture Limited Warranty
● Completely customizable by Professional LCD Program (purchase separately)
● Comes with a cooling Fan ($15.00 value)


● Voltage: 5-12s lipo (16.8 - 50.4v)
● Continuous/burst current: 100A/140A (10sec)
● SBEC output: OPTO (no bec)
● Programming port: the programming port can provide 5.5V/100mA power supply to the program box or the external cooling fan
● Input/output wire gauge: 12AWG, 4.0mm gold-plated bullet connectors
● Weight: 104g (w/o fan) / 110g (w/ fan)
● Dimensions: 70 x 35 x 21mm (w/o fan) / 70 x 35 x 32mm (w/ fan)

Download manual (click here)

Compatible with the following program cards:

HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Professional Program Box for Platinum Series ESCs