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IC Trainer

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Slow and slower, this plane is built for slow speeds to allow pilots to learn and enjoy their scratch build aircraft.  The IC Trainer is a great park flyer to improve both your building and flight skills. Easy to build and smooth in the air, you will love the high angle of attack the wing provides with short takeoff and landing performance.

Push Rods, Landing Gear, Electronics and Power Pack not included.

Kit comes unpainted.

Design and tested by students, thank you for supporting our SVVSD Innovation Center Aeronautics Program.

Recommended equipment to complete:

  • Motor: Suppo 2217/7 1250kv
  • ESC: ZTW Mantis 25A, HobbyWing FlyFun V5 30A, or HobbyWing Skywalker 30A
  • Servos: EMAX ES08
  • Battery: Roaring Top 2200mAh 3s
  • Prop: APC 9x4.7SF

Flight video:

Build video:

For more information about the Innovation Center please visit https://innovation.svvsd.org/