BYOB Flashing Service (OpenAeroVTOL for KK2.1.5)

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OpenAeroVTOL Flashing Service

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BYOB = Bring Your Own Board! FLASHING SERVICE ONLY! NO BOARD INCLUDED. You must send your board to us for flashing.

Feb 2019 UPDATE: we now offer a firmware flashing service for customers to send their KK2.1.5 boards to us to have the OpenAeroVTOL firmware installed on their board. After checkout, simply mail your board to us at the following address: Altitude Hobbies, 1630 Sagewood Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525. We will promptly flash your board with the latest OpenAeroVTOL firmware (v1.6) and mail the board back to you.

Please note: HobbyKing recently discontinued selling the ever popular KK2.1.5 boards. However, we have found the Banggood "red button" clone KK2.1.5 boards are capable of having the OpenAeroVTOL firmware flashed on them. We will flash them with the KK-Mini V1.6 OpenAeroVTOL firmware which has been found to work best on the clone boards. See the RCGroups thread linked below for more info. We can still flash the genuine HobbyKing boards as well.

Many people have asked for a flashing service as it is sometimes difficult to get your PC configured with the proper drivers, application software, and of course you need the programming cable to flash them yourself. You will still need to enter the parameters for your specific aircraft, but that is easily accomplished with the buttons and the LCD display.

This powerful firmware is useful for much more than just VTOL aircraft. It is a general purpose flight controller that can be used in all sorts of aircraft and for all sorts of purposes. People have even used it in cars to control oversteer. It can turn most any aircraft into an easy to fly trainer and is also a lot of fun in 3D aircraft that can be made to auto hover. It isn't recommended for simple multicopters as there are better and simpler dedicated flight controllers for that purpose, but it can fly multicopters as they are often a part of VTOL aircraft. It has a general purpose and very flexible user interface that is not aircraft dependent. The user manual and supporting documentation are very complete and combine with the board to create an excellent educational lab for understanding the basics of flight stabilization.

Ongoing and free product support is offered via this RC Groups thread:

The user manual and other detailed documentation are available here:

If you want to use the Excel based GUI (Graphical User Interface) you will still need to set up your PC to flash the board yourself. Fortunately, the GUI is just a convenience and is not necessary. The on board buttons and LCD display are all you need. The GUI is available here:

Thank You to HappySundays for making all this possible.

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