Suppo 100A Brushless ESC w/ Built-in 5A SBEC


Suppo 100A w/ SBEC

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Suppo brushless electronic speed controllers offer quality, reliability, and excellent performance at a great value! Small and lightweight, each ESC provides smooth throttle control and features a sizeable heatsink for excellent heat distribution. Suppo is a trusted name in the RC electronics industry and manufactures many popular brands of ESCs and motors on the market today.

Suppo speed controllers are designed to be simple, easy to use, and reliable. Simply plug it in, set a couple programming parameters via your transmitter, and you're ready to fly!


● Constant current 100A - Max 125A (<10 sec.)
● 2-7s Lipoly; 12-20 cells Ni-MH
● Low Resistance -- .0017 ohms
● Auto low battery power reduction at 3.0V/cell, cut-off at 2.9V/cell (Lipo)
● Auto shut-down if signal is lost
● Self-Adjusting throttle range
● Dynamic Braking
● 8khz or 16khz PWM
● SBEC: 5A, 5v (switching)
● Dimensions: 73x39x23 (mm)
● Weight: 101g

User-Programmable Features:

● Cell type & number of cells
● Low-voltage cut-off type (lipo/Ni-XX)
● Brake setting (4 options -- Off, Soft, Medium, Hard)
● Throttle range: auto range, 1.1-1.8ms, hard acceleration, soft acceleration
● Start type - soft/hard
● Cut-off type - soft/hard
● Timing - 1°/7°/15°/30°
● PWM (pulse width modulation) - 8KHz or 16KHz

ATTENTION: It is VERY IMPORTANT to READ THE MANUAL before use as many of the default programming settings may not be correct for your application. Check the battery type and timing selections before you first use the ESC. Having either of these parameters improperly set may result in overheating and failure of the ESC.

Default Settings:

● Cell type: NiMh
● Brake setting: Soft
● Throttle range: Auto
● Cut-off type: Hard
● Timing Mode: 1° - For 2-4 pole inrunner motors
● PWM Setting: 8Khz

The manual indicates with an asterisk which parameters are set as default depending on the type of ESC. All parameters can be set using your transmitter.

Click HERE to download the programming manual for the Suppo 100A ESC