Suppo F1104-4000kv CW 5g Brushless Motor

Suppo F1104-4000kv CW 5g Brushless Motor


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CW reverse threaded prop nut

This tiny brushless motor has been designed with micro and nano drones in mind and is an ideal balance of quality, performance and price.

Lightweight, strong and compact, the motor is ideally suited to 3" props, 1~3 cell Lipo batteries and with a maximum current of just 2.8A can take advantage of micro-sized esc's for super-light installations.

Perfect for micro FPV racers!

RPM/V: 4000kv
Voltage: 1-3s LiPoly (11.1v)
Output: 20.7W
Max Current: 2.8A
Suggested prop: 3020
Thrust: 70g (3020 prop)
Efficiency: 3.4 g/W
ESC: <6A
Shaft: M4 CW
Motor Mount Holes: M1.4 x 8.4mm
Dimensions: 14 × 12.5mm
Weight: 5.5g

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