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Suppo HW10A Brushless ESC w/ HobbyWing Firmware


Suppo HW10A

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These ESCs combine the quality and affordability of Suppo speed controllers with the functionality of popular HobbyWing firmware!

We recommend the HW series ESCs over the yellow-wrapper Suppo ESCs. Our sources indicate these speed controllers are very similar (if not the same) to the popular Turnigy Plush ESCs. We've found the quality of the Suppo HW series is better than the original Suppo yellow-wrapper series and we hear of very few reported issues. In addition, you get many more programming options and the ability to easily configure settings with the optional program card.

We've also found these ESCs work much better with high RPM motors than the standard Suppo firmware ESCs. We recommend the HW-series ESCs for all our Suppo motors, but especially those with higher KVs such as the A1510.

Each ESC is PRE-SOLDERED with 2.0mm female gold bullet connectors. No battery connector included.


● Constant current 10A - Max 15A (<10 sec.)
● 2-3s Lipoly; 6-10 cells Ni-MH
● BEC: 1A, Linear
● Dimensions: 36x15x5 (mm)
● Weight: 7g

Compatible with the HobbyWing V1 LED program card (Click here)

Programmable Options:

1. Brake on/off
2. Battery type
3. Cut off type
4. Cut off Voltage
5. Start Mode
6. Timing Mode
7. Music Lipo-cells
8. Governer Mode

Programming manual download