Turnigy P403 LiPoly / LiFe AC/DC Battery Charger


Turnigy P403

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If you're looking for an easy to use LiPoly / LiFe charger capable of using AC mains supply when you're home or a car battery if you are in the field, this could be the charger for you. The Turnigy P403 AC/DC charger is designed with one thing in mind, simplicity!

The P403 can charge Lipoly / LiFe batteries from 2-4s and simply uses the balance lead to charge your packs. The charger also features an autostart function, as soon as you plug in your pack the battery will begin charging automatically.

The P403 Charger provides 40 watts of power with a charge rate of 0.1 - 3.0 amps and has an input power range of 100-240v AC or 10-18v DC.

• Detects current rate and capacity of individual cells
• Automatically detects the number of cells per battery
• Auto charge function, begins charging as soon as the battery is connected
• Automatic cut off when battery reaches capacity
• Temperature overheat protection
• Tests battery voltage (when charge current is set to 0)

Max Power: 40W
Current rate: 3A max (adjustable)
Charge Voltage Range: 2-4S (11.1 - 14.8v)
Input Voltage: 100-240v AC, to 10-18v DC
Charger Weight: 310g
Dimensions: 145 x 130 x 45mm