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Autel Evo II (V3) Pro 6K RTK Rugged Bundle

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  • New 2022 RTK for centimeter-level positioning
  • Supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK)
  • No GCP required
  • 3rd-party base station support
  • Multi-NTRIP profile saving
  • Multi-battery missions
  • 360 obstacle avoidance
  • 1-inch ultra-sensitive sensor
  • 38-minute maximum flight time
  • No geo-fencing
  • 15-km maximum transmission range

EVO II Pro 6K RTK V3 for unmatched accuracy and control

The leader in picture quality and flight intelligence just got even better with the launch of the Autel EVO II Pro 6k RTK V3. This drone carries the best of its predecessor plus the power of a new RTK module and significant improvements that will surely improve how you carry out your aerial missions.

The RTK advantage

This AUV incorporates the new 2022 RTK module that offers real-time centimeter-level positional data in three minutes and allows post-processing kinematics (PPK).

Now your EVO II Pro 7k V3 aircraft has the ability to save camera exposure settings, original satellite observation data, and more. The positioning system works with the NTRIP RTK network and RTK base station, which makes it easier to get precise and steady data in challenging operational settings.

Exceptional imaging, even at night

If you're looking for a high-end camera that will help enhance your creative freedom and offer stronger noise suppression (even in low-light conditions) than ever before, then look no further.

The Autel EVO II Pro 6k RTK V3 is equipped with Sony's new 20-MP 1-inch CMOS image sensor which allows up to 6K video resolution and 6k hyperlapse renders as well as higher frame rates! Combine this with Autel Robotics’ Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 and you easily succeed in night photography.

With its adjustable aperture range from f2 8mm to 11 plus maximum ISO reaching 44000, this device gives you all you need in order achieve their desired results without fear of error or compromise.

The drone combines the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range for the best possible image quality (HDR). Areas of heavy shade and sunlight that had previously been concealed are now crystal clear and detailed.

Maximum performance with uncompromised safety

With Autel's brand-new SkyLink 2.0 Video Transmission technology, your Autel EVO II Pro 6k RTK V3 may go up to 15 kilometers. Even better, your flight can stretch to a maximum of 38 minutes thanks to the powerful battery that comes with the package.

Within one kilometer, get crucial information with QHD video. In addition, you benefit from tri-band communication and frequency hopping for maximum anti-interference capability.

The drone has 19 sets of sensors, including 12 visual sensors, the primary camera, ultrasonography, IMUs, and other sensors. three-dimensional maps may be built and real-time path planning is made possible. All these make flying safe for your peace of mind.

Easy and smart control

This Autel EVO II Pro 6K RTK Rugged Bundle V3 comes with the Smart Controller SE, an RC that features a 7.9" QHD display for HD picture transmission, an 8-core processor, and a 4.5-hour operating time.

With triple band frequency hopping, the preinstalled SkyLink 2.0 Transmission technology increases anti-interference capabilities while ensuring long-distance operations from up to 15 km distant.

The modified Android operating system offers more freedom with third-party apps, and an IP43 grade assures functioning in all weather conditions.

For professional photographers and drone pilots who want a dependable and feature-rich drone, whether for personal or commercial usage, the Autel EVO II Pro 6K RTK V3 is a great option, especially with its centimeter-level positioning feature.

What's in the box:

  • 1x Aircraft (including battery, propellers, gimbal cover, and 32G SD Card)
  • 1x Remote Controller (sticks included)
  • 1x RTK module
  • 2x Spare batteries
  • 2x Spare propellers (pair)
  • 1x Battery charger + power cable
  • 1X Car charger
  • 1x Multi-charger
  • 1x RC charger
  • 1x RC charging cable
  • 1x RC lanyard
  • 1x RC protective case
  • 1x Spare control stick (pair)
  • 1x Extended port cover
  • 1x Protector case
  • 1x Manual (Packing List, Quick Guide, Disclaimer & Safety Instructions, Battery Safety Instructions, Car Charger Quick Guide, and Multi-Charger Quick Guide)