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CZI LP12 Spotlight & Loudspeaker 2-in-1 Payload for DJI Matrice 30 Drone

by CZI
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LP12: An innovative searchlight and loudspeaker payload for the DJI M30 drone

Elevate your operational capabilities with the LP12, the latest innovation in drone accessories. Designed exclusively for the DJI M30 enterprise drone model, the LP12 is a groundbreaking integrated payload that combines advanced lighting and broadcasting functionalities into one compact, efficient package. Experience unparalleled performance with a product that not only enhances your drone's capabilities but also its flight duration through its aerodynamically streamlined design.

Dual functionality in a compact form

The LP12 redefines efficiency with its two-in-one design, offering both high-intensity lighting and clear, long-distance broadcasting. Weighing in at a mere 288g, this lightweight accessory ensures your drone can fly longer and perform better. Whether it's for security patrols or critical search and rescue operations, the LP12 delivers exceptional functionality without compromising on weight or efficiency.

State-of-the-art lighting and sound

Equipped with the cutting-edge LRAD Sound Technology and superior optical imaging, the LP12 guarantees impressive results. Illuminate up to 100 meters with its powerful searchlight and broadcast messages up to 200 meters with 122dB of ultra-high sound pressure. These features make the LP12 not just a tool, but a reliable companion for any mission, enhancing both visibility and communication.

Sleek design meets high performance

The LP12 isn't just about functionality; it's a testament to the harmonious blend of aesthetics and technology. With its unique morning glory petal design, this device stands out for its bionic aesthetic appearance, perfectly merging industrial design with high-tech production techniques. This not only adds a touch of elegance to your operations but also showcases the excellent craftsmanship behind the LP12.

User-friendly integration and operation

Designed for convenience, the LP12 features a quick mount and dismount system, allowing for easy setup and removal. Fully compatible with the DJI Pilot APP through the OSDK, it offers seamless integration and access to all lighting and broadcasting functions at your fingertips. This intuitive design ensures that you can focus on the task at hand, with all the controls you need readily available.

  • Dual functionality: Combines lighting and broadcasting in one lightweight package.
  • Advanced technology: Features LRAD Sound Technology and optical imaging for superior sound and light effects.
  • Lightweight design: Weighs only 288g, enhancing flight duration without sacrificing performance.
  • Aesthetic and durable: Unique morning glory petal design for a visually appealing, robust construction.
  • Easy Integration: Quick to mount and integrate with the DJI Pilot app for effortless operation.
  • Compatible with: DJI Matrice 30 Drone

CZI LP12 Product Video:

Specification Details
Electrical Interface DJI PSDK
Weight 288g (without quick-mount fixture)
306g (with quick-mount fixture)
Dimensions 156*109*84mm
Searchlight Power Regular mode: 30w
Ultra bright mode & Flashing mode: 40w
Speaker Power 15W
Power Supply Voltage 24V
Luminous Flux 2122±3%lm
Searchlight FOV 13°
Spot Diameter 34m (distance: 150m)
22.8m (distance: 100m)
29.6m (distance: 130m)
11.4m (distance: 50m)
Illuminated Area 102㎡ (distance: 50m)
407㎡ (distance: 100m)
688㎡ (distance: 130m)
917㎡ (distance: 150m)
Central Illuminance 25Lux (distance: 50m)
6.3Lux (distance: 100m)
2.5Lux (distance: 130m)
1.7Lux (distance: 150m)
Gimbal Movement Range Pitch -120°~+45° (same as drone camera)
Maximum Sound Pressure 122dB
Effective Broadcasting/m 200m@76db
Broadcasting Method Live broadcasting
Upload the recording files
Play audio file
Text To Speech (supports multi-language)
Background sound
Audio Formats mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac
App Support DJI Pilot/DJI Pilot2
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C

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