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DJI BS65 Intelligent Battery Charging Station

by DJI
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The DJI Matrice 350 BS65 Intelligent Battery Station The battery station is a one-stop solution for battery charging, storage, and transport for the DJI Matrice 350 RTK. The new Storage Mode and Ready-to-Fly Mode improve charging efficiency and extend the battery life. The new 360°-movement wheels facilitate more convenient transportation and transitions. The battery station manages up to eight TB65 flight batteries and four WB37 remote controller batteries, one USB-C maintenance port, one USB-C charging port, and one USB-A charging port. It can charge up to two TB65 batteries and one WB37 battery simultaneously.

When batteries are put on the station for charging, the station selects the battery with the highest battery level to be recharged first, it then continues with the batteries with lower levels. Battery charging times with the BS60 Battery Station depend on whether you are using a 110V or 220V power supply, please reference the table below.

BS65 Battery Station Charging Times

110V Power Supply 70 minutes to fully charge two TB65 Batteries
30 minutes to charge them from 20% to 90%
220V Power Supply 60 minutes to fully charge two TB65 Batteries
40 minutes to charge them from 20% to 90%