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Leopard 5055-8T 480kv Brushless Airplane Motor

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Expertly designed and precisely constructed using the most advanced CNC components, Leopard Brushless Motors adhere to the highest and strictest quality standards. Leopard Power Model Co. has over 15 years experience manufacturing high quality precision hardware, and is focused on ensuring the consistency of their products. Constructed from beautifully anodized aluminum alloy and top-quality components, Leopard motors deliver optimum performance, quality, and reliability at a price much less than many other premium motor brands on the market today.

Leopard LC-series brushless motors feature an extended shaft which protrudes out the rear of the motor. This allows the user flexible mounting options without having to disassemble the motor to reverse the shaft. The user can either (1) mount the motor in a traditional manner against the front of a firewall and use the included bolt-on prop adapter, or (2) mount it against the rear of the firewall with the shaft extending forward. This mounting option is most common in sailplanes or racer-style models and requires you to use a collet-style adapter available separately or sometimes included with your model.

What's included:

● (1) LC5055-8T 480kv motor, pre-soldered with 4.0mm male bullet connectors
● (1) Set of matching 4.0mm bullet connectors for your ESC
● (1) X-mount plate
● (1) Bolt-on style threaded prop adapter


● Lightweight design uses reinforced materials to ensure high-speed operation under constant conditions
● High efficiency w/ low running temperatures
● Built from top-quality materials with premium imported bearings
● Dynamic balancing accuracy of at least 99%, greatly improving the efficiency of the motor.
● Hand wound with precision
● High overload capacity
● Excellent heat dissipation
● Designed to endure even the most demanding applications
● Long service life with minimal maintenance required


● KV: 480
● Lipo cells: 3-6s
● No load current (15.0v): 2.3A
● Max current: 68A
● Power: 1132W (See chart linked below)
● Resistance: .028 ohm
● Prop adapter shaft size: M8
● Motor shaft diameter: 6.0mm
● Dimensions: 49.2 x 42.5mm
● Weight: 280g (motor only)* | 319g (with prop adapter & x-mount)*
● Prop: 14x10 - 15x8
● Recommended model weight: 4300g

One of our valued customers has reported obtaining 1615 Watts and 78A at WOT with this motor running a 16x8 APC prop on 6s. The motor and ESC were reported to be only slightly warm after 20 seconds of WOT on the bench.

**All motors have been weighed in-shop by Altitude Hobbies. These weight figures are accurate and not underrated manufacturer estimates.

Click here to view the Leopard 5055 Propeller Data and Specifications Chart

Note on size equivalents: Rimfire considers its 5055 series either a .60 or .80 depending on KV size. This motor is very similar to an E-Flite Power 46 and Suppo 4120.

Warranty: Leopard guarantees the quality and precision of their products, and all Leopard brushless motors come with a 240-day warranty from the time of purchase. If an issue is found to be the fault of a manufacturing defect with the motor, we will replace the item or refund the original purchase price (buyer’s choice) on behalf of Leopard Power Model Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peter C.
Better than Avian

The above motor arrived yesterday. I tested it with a 15X8 prop and 16X8 prop. It ran beautifully although I did have to throttle back to 80% for the 16X8. It struggled a little at 100%.
I wanted to add that I had previously purchased a Avian 450KV from Horizon Hobbies for more that twice the price. It would not run properly on neither the 15X8 nor 16X8 props, but would throttle back to around 60% and then quit altogether. I sent it back to their branch in Champaign Illinois twice, and they tested it and said it was fine, and sent it back to me! It is now in the trase.
What a pleasure having your motor and seeing it run smoothly and with no issues.

Steve D.
Awesome Power

This motor is really incredible. It is the perfect motor for the many 60" airframes out there. I have mine on an AJ 60" Laser. (6 Lbs) 4600 mah 6S and a 16X8 prop. It pulls 74A at WOT, and barely gets warm. Assuming the listed 68A max as a maximum sustained figure, I suspected going a little above that as a 'burst' current would be OK . And was it ever!
My 6 Lb Laser will accelerate straight up like a rocket, starting at a modest speed. The other super cool thing is that it even sounds sweet and powerful. As this company says, performance products at a reasonable price. Look no further... Buy Leopard motors.

great motor!

Equipped my Grand Tundra with the Leopard 5055 8T 480kv motor, a 16x8 apc prop and 5 cell Battery. Lots of power, good strong motor and a direct fit to the G.T. fire wall. Altitude Hobbies is a great company to work with.