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Leopard LC700 460kv Helicopter Motor

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Expertly designed and precisely constructed using the most advanced CNC components, Leopard Brushless Motors adhere to the highest and strictest quality standards. Leopard Power Model Co. has over 15 years experience manufacturing high quality precision hardware, and is focused on ensuring the consistency of their products. Constructed from beautifully anodized aluminum alloy and top-quality components, Leopard motors deliver optimum performance, quality, and reliability at a price much less than many other premium motor brands on the market today.

What's included:

● (1) LC700 460kv brushless helicopter motor, pre-soldered with 4.0mm male bullet connectors
● (1) Set of matching 4.0mm bullet connectors for your ESC


● Large diameter shaft for increased life time
● Built from top-quality materials with premium imported bearings
● High efficiency for top quality performance
● Advanced rear plate design for optimum heat dissipation
● High overload capacity
● Precise dynamic balancing for smooth operation and low noise
● Designed to endure even the most demanding applications
● Long service life with minimal maintenance required


● KV: 460
● Lipo cells: 4-12s
● No load current: 2.3A
● Max current: 105A
● Power: 4800W
● Motor shaft diameter: 6.0mm
● Length of extended shaft: 38.5mm
● Dimensions: 50.6 x 66.0mm
● Weight: 442g

**All motors have been weighed in-shop by Altitude Hobbies. These weight figures are accurate and not underrated manufacturer estimates.

Warranty: Leopard guarantees the quality and precision of their products, and all Leopard brushless motors come with a 240-day warranty from the time of purchase. If an issue is found to be the fault of a manufacturing defect with the motor, we will replace the item or refund the original purchase price (buyer’s choice) on behalf of Leopard Power Model Co.

Customer Reviews

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'Copter C.
Solid Performance for Mild 3D and/or Big Air Flying. Really Happy on 10s in my Goblin Black Thun...

i decided i wanted to turn my Goblin BT 700 into a low(er) head speed machine running 10s. This motor is 5 oz. lighter than the Align 830MX it replaced, and going to mid-grade 10s4000 60C batts saved me another 18+ oz. The heli performs beautifully with this combination at 10 lbs 12 oz. RTF. i'm getting 7 minutes of mild 3D and big air flight, and the pack comes down at 3.8V per cell. Mid-size upright to inverted funnels, one-rotation piro-flips, and full collective climb outs don't bog it. (Remember we're talking about 1480 rpm and 9.8:1 gearing; not Kyle Stacey level performance.) The motor comes down cooler than the Align that was in it doing low head speed routines. i've also run it on 12s at 1710rpm and it doesn't have the punch my Align and Xnova do (in a T-Rex 700 and a Urukay F3C heli) but i'm still able to do consecutive 150+ foot loops and 60-80 foot rainbows with no problem. The motor comes down much warmer after 7 minutes of flying in that manner with the 12s5000s at 3.8V. If you're looking to move up to a 700 size heli on a budget, i would get a Goblin Black Thunder 700 with this motor and run it on 10s. It's a high quality but inexpensive 700 that's fun to build/fly, and you get 7 minutes on a ~$100 set of batteries. For the BT700 you will have to extend the setscrew flat on the shaft by ~3mm with a Dremel/file- an easy job. Garret said the magnets are good to 150 deg and the windings to 220 deg. Very happy with this motor for my intended use.