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Mercury Adhesives Epoxy 30 Minute 8oz kit

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This is for 1, 8 oz kit of 30 Minute Mercury Epoxy
Mercury epoxy contains one 4 oz. bottle of resin and one 4 oz. bottle of hardener. Epoxy has the advantage of setting quickly, even in small amounts at low temperatures.

Great at bonding wood and nearly all other types of materials. It achieves its great strength as a result of a chemical reaction when mixed with the hardening agent and does not shrink while curing.

Useful Hints/Notes:
• Equally-mix part A-B together
• Accepts micro balloons as a filler for forming fillets
• Can be used to encapsulate parts
• Water resitant formula
Available formulas, Fast (about 5min) Medium (about 15 min) and Slow (about 30 min) formulas. Each formula contains an 8oz kit.

What makes Mercury Adhesives glues so great? Unlike most CA products on the market, Mercury Adhesive products are not industrial remnants or leftovers made overseas -- Mercury Adhesives glues are made right here in the USA. Because of their high quality, ALL Mercury CA's come with an unconditional 2-year warranty. This is why the best builders choose Mercury!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steven S. (Meridianville, US)
This is very good epoxy

I reviewed Mercury Adhesives online before I purchased it. They are very good at what they do. I have tried most other brands in the past and this epoxy is every bit as good. Thanks to Altitude Hobbies for selling it. I never would have found otherwise

Mike L.
Mercury 30 min epoxy

Due to the closure of our local hobby shop and the fact that I needed some 30 min. epoxy, I thought I would give Mercury epoxy a try. This stuff works great. I used it to join a wing and it worked really well. It also dries clear not yellow like some epoxies. Altitude hobbies sells a good product here.

Altitude always gets my order correct and has super fast shipping.