Suppo 2217/7 1250kv Brushless Motor (Park 425 equiv.)


Suppo 2217/7

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Suppo is a leading manufacturer of professional motors, ESCs, servos, and other RC electronics on the market today. Suppo motors provide excellent performance, quality, and dependability at an affordable price. Manufactured with high quality bearings and components, Suppo brushless motors are some of the smoothest and most powerful in their class.

Each motor is PRE-SOLDERED with 3.5mm male gold bullet connectors, and includes an accessory pack with collet-style prop adapter, X-mount plate, and matching set of female 3.5mm bullet connectors. (Note: if purchased with a Suppo ESC, the speed controller will come pre-soldered with female 3.5mm connectors).

Suppo 2217/7 (28-33) 1250kv Specifications:

● Number of Cells: 2-3s lipo; 6-10 cell NiMh
● Max Efficiency Current: 5-18A (>70%)
● No Load Current (10v): 1.3A
● Max Current: 20A/60s
● Max Efficiency: 80%
● Internal Resistance: 125mΩ
● Shaft Size: 4.0mm
● Poles: 8
● Max Watts: 222W
● Weight: 70g
● Motor Dimensions: 27.5x33 (mm)
● Motor bolt pattern (back of motor): 16mm x 19mm (hole to hole)
● X-mount hole pattern: 32mm x 32mm (hole to hole)
● Minimum recommended ESC: 25A*
● Recommended model weight: 300-1000g (11-36 oz.)

Click here for Dr. Kiwi's test data & prop charts for this motor

*All 2217 series Suppo motors feature a 3-bearing set for greater stability, efficiency, and strength under heavy loads! All 2217 series motors are exceptionally smooth and deliver excellent power, making them one of our most popular motor sizes.

**Please refer to the manufacturer specifications listed above to determine the correct ESC size for your application. We suggest you choose an ESC rated for at least 20% above the max current rating of the motor (example: if your motor’s max current rating is 35A, choose an ESC of at least 42A). If you are new to the hobby or have questions about choosing the correct ESC, please call or email us before ordering.