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Suppo 3A External BEC (UBEC)

by Suppo
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Commonly called a UBEC or SBEC, this device eliminates the need for a built-in BEC in your speed controller (ESC) or can replace a built-in linear BEC that may not be capable of handling high servo loads. External BECs are recommended in larger electric models running multiple or large servos. Supplying a constant 5.0V+ power to your receiver, UBEC's help eliminate the chance that "power hungry" servos or accessories will draw the supplied voltage down below your receiver's minimum shut-down point. Our BECs are manufactured by Suppo, a trusted name in the RC electronics industry.

3A UBEC Specs:

  • Input range: 7.4v - 33v (2-8s Lipo)
  • Output specs: 5.3v/3A
  • Dimensions: 28x11x9 (mm)
  • Weight: 7g