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T-Motor AT5230B 25-30cc Brushless Outrunner Motor (Mount B)

by T-Motor
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Mount type A is for standard attachment with the motor bolted to the front of the firewall so that the firewall sits behind the motor.

Mount type B is designed for bolting the motor from the front but with the motor sitting behind the firewall. 

This motor uses mount type B.

AT52 series are suitable for 90E-140E aircraft, corresponding to gasoline engine about 25-30C.

T-Motor AT Series offer higher level performance compared to AS Series motors. They are designed for modelers looking for premium, competition level performance at a higher price point.

AT series motors use modern materials found in industry-driven areas. Hand-made high-temperature enameled wire are user for excellent longevity and heat dissipation, greatly extending the working life of the motor. Curved magnets with precise tolerance control and rational magnet space for optimal motor magnetic circuit help improve motor performance. Custom bearings are imported from Japan to improve the quality of the motor and prolong its life to ensure smooth and stable flight with a longer flight time.

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