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Suppo 3520/6 800kv Brushless Motor (Power 32 equiv.)

by Suppo
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Suppo is a leading manufacturer of professional motors, ESCs, servos, and other RC electronics on the market today. Suppo motors provide excellent performance, quality, and dependability at an affordable price. Manufactured with high quality bearings and components, Suppo brushless motors are some of the smoothest and most powerful in their class.

Each motor is PRE-SOLDERED with 3.5mm male gold bullet connectors, and includes an accessory pack with collet-style prop adapter, X-mount plate, and matching set of female 3.5mm bullet connectors. (Note: if purchased with a Suppo 60A or 70A ESC, the speed controller will come pre-soldered with female 3.5mm connectors).

Suppo 3520/6 (42-47) 800kv Specifications:

● Number of Cells: 3-7s lipo; 8-20 cell NiMh
● Max Efficiency Current: 18-40A (>75%)
● No Load Current (10v): 2.1A
● Max Current: 50A/60s
● Max Efficiency: 82%
● Resistance: .050 ohms
● Shaft Size: 5.0mm
● Poles: 14
● Max Watts: 1295W
● Weight: 200g
● Motor Dimensions: 42x47 (mm)
● Motor bolt pattern (back of motor): 22mm x 22mm (hole to hole)
● X-mount hole pattern: 54mm x 54mm (hole to hole)
● Minimum recommended ESC: 50A*
● Recommended Model Weight: 1800-3000g (64-107 oz.)

*The Suppo 3520 motor features a 3-bearing set for greater stability, efficiency, and strength under heavy loads!

**Please refer to the manufacturer specifications listed above to determine the correct ESC size for your application. We suggest you choose an ESC rated for at least 20% above the max current rating of the motor (example: if your motor’s max current rating is 35A, choose an ESC of at least 42A). If you are new to the hobby or have questions about choosing the correct ESC, please call or email us before ordering.

This motor is similar to an E-flite Power 32.

Customer Reviews

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Doug S.
Outrageous Bang for the Buck, and Great Quality

I've installed this motor in several different aircraft and it has performed great in all.

I first tried it in a 20-year-old Sig 'MidStar' that I previously flew for hundreds and hundreds of flights with a Fox 45BBRC glow engine.. Pilots that know that Fox know that it generates awesome power at very high RPM for a sport engine. Anyway, the Fox threw a rod on a very hot and humid day (pre-ignition and over-the top compression ratio) so I decided to try an electric conversion. The Suppo 3520-6 seemed about right so I ordered and installed it - balanced almost exactly like the Fox. 4000mAh 4S 45C battery and Castle ESC and it was off to the field. The Suppo flew the MidStar exactly like the Fox, if not a little better.

My next airplane for this motor was an 'Uproar V2'. Same story - awesome power and super reliable. I've also recommended this motor to other club members and they've 100% praised my recommendation. Just a great motor at a real bargain price.

The only downside is it is sometimes out of stock :(

Carlos M.
Super motor for 40-size Glow-To-Electric Conversion

This is powering my Hangar9 P-51D Mustang 40 (58-1/4 inch wing span) PTS = Progressive Trainer Series. The mustang is maintained super light with this power system and commutation is from a HobbyWing 80-AMP ESC plus with a Castle Creations BEC PRO. Receiver is the rock solid Spektrum AR-8000 plus SAT. This specific Mustang has a HORIZON HOBBY part number of HAN4440 so, you can track the correct discontinued mustang. It zooms with zest appeal with a APC 12 X 10-E propeller with just 4-Cells, 4,000mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymers. It is flown mostly around two (2) clicks above throttle.
This motor has explosive power on 4-Cells and the model jumps off the runway with less than 25-feet of run (no flaps). Landings are pretty much almost Dead Stick with Flaps and kisses the runway due to it's Light Wing Loading thanks to this motor selection. The Full Up weight of this Mustang model is 5.4 lbs. (US). For more details you can see it over RCROUPS dot com and select the Electric section under "Glow-to-Electric" topic folder.